Senior officers

Chief Executive – Peter Sloman (

Executive Assistant – Tracey Dawes (

Director of Children’s Services – Deborah Glassbrook (

Directorate of Resources (DOR)

Executive Director of Resources – Jackie Yates (

Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services – Michael Graham (

Assistant Director of Finance – Vacant

Assistant Director of Procurement and Contracts – Kate Graefe (

Assistant Director of Corporate Improvement and Customer Services – Isabel Edgar Briançon (

Assistant Director of HR and Organisational Development – Shella Smith (

Chief Digital and Information Officer – Martin Chalmers (

Chief Auditor – Paul Harrington (

Directorate of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services (DEGNS)

Executive Director for Environment and Neighbourhood Services – Frances Martin (

Assistant Director of Property and Asset Management – Charan Dhillon (

Assistant Director of Environmental and Commercial Services – Andrew Edwards (

Assistant Director of Housing & Communities – Zelda Wolfe (

Assistant Director of Culture – Donna Pentelow (

Deputy Director of Planning, Transport & Regulatory Services – Giorgio Framalicco (

Directorate of Social Care and Health Services

Executive Director of Social Care and Health – Seona Douglas (

Deputy Director of Adult Social Care – Vacant

Assistant Director of Strategic Commissioning, Wellbeing and Quality Assurance – vacant

Assistant Director of Transformation and Performance – Melissa Wise (

Consultant in Public Health – David Munday (