Report nuisance

Statutory nuisance

Check’s information on statutory nuisance. If you feel you have a case, you should fill out a diary sheet describing how the problem affects you.

Artificial light

You should check the website. If your complaint fits their criteria, you can report it to us and we will investigate.

Ways to avoid causing a light nuisance:

  • angle your light downwards and ensure it shines only within your premises
  • use a motion sensor or timer set for the shortest time necessary
  • choose a suitable bulb – 150w is usually more than sufficient
  • if you need to light a large area, use multiple lower power units rather than a single powerful floodlight

Noise nuisance

You can find out what noise problems are considered to be a nuisance on the website.

You can find out how we investigate noise complaints in our noise nuisance fact sheets.

You will need to fill out diary sheets to show a noise is having an unreasonable effect on your use or enjoyment of your home or other premises. You should be as specific as possible when completing the diary sheets. Guidance on completing diary sheets. Submit completed sheets to

You may also like to make a log of the noise using The Noise App which can be downloaded for free.

Statutory noise nuisance does not usually include one-off parties, road traffic or aircraft noise, or neighbours arguing – although it may be possible for you to take civil action.

There are different laws for fireworks.

Construction work

The recommended hours for noisy works are:

  • Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00hrs
  • Saturday 09:00 – 13:00hrs
  • No works on Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Any works required outside those hours must be approved by the Council. Works will only be approved where there is strong justification for working and noise is controlled as far as practicable.

Nuisance smells

See the website. Fill out a diary sheet if your problem meets these criteria.

Contaminated land

See our contaminated land register for information on sites in Reading. You might also find our contaminated land strategy useful. have useful information on developing contaminated land.