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Order a bin or bag

Grey and red bins / bags

If your grey or red bin has gone missing or is damaged, you will need to order a new one. You can also order additional recycling bins. We will deliver it in 15 to 20 working days.

Extra waste capacity

We will empty one standard-sized grey bin per property. In some circumstances, extra waste capacity may be approved. Before approving, we may visit your property to see if you could recycle more. 

Food waste bins

Food waste containers can only currently be ordered if your property is one of the 3,000 early adopter households. Food waste collections will be rolled out across the borough from February 2021 and we will deliver food waste containers to you before collections start.

Green bins /bags

Residents who subscribe to the garden waste service can order an extra or replacement green bin or bag. We will collect a maximum of two garden waste containers from each property.


New bin typePrice
Grey binNo charge
Red binNo charge
Green bin£51.10
Garden waste collection service£60 for bins
£20 for bags
Food waste kitchen caddyNo charge
Food waste outside binNo charge

The price of green bins includes a £15 delivery fee.