Claiming Universal Credit

Apply for Universal Credit using the form.

You will need to give details of your:

  • postcode
  • National Insurance number
  • email address
  • bank, building society or credit union account that you want your Universal Credit paid into (information on fee-free bank accounts)
  • tenancy/rent agreement (if you have one)
  • savings or other capital
  • any income that’s not from work (for example, child maintenance)
  • any other benefits you get
  • any children, including their Child Benefit numbers

You may need these details for other people who live in your home, including a partner or grown up children.

You can watch a YouTube video on making a UC claim.

You will need to use the Verify service – have proof of you ID to hand to speed up this process.

Universal Credit online calculator

After claiming

Once your have made your claim online, you will be invited into your local Job Centre to accept and sign your Claimant Commitment. This is an agreement to complete certain tasks in order to receive Universal Credit.


It will take at least five weeks to receive your first payment.

If you will not be able to manage your budget until the first payment, you can request an advanced payment of Universal Credit – but you will have to pay this back. The repayments will be taken out of your later payments (for up to 12 months). The repayment plan has to be affordable for you as it cannot be changed at a later date.


You should set up a Direct Debit or standing order to pay your rent direct to your landlord for a date straight after your Universal Credit goes into your bank.


When claiming Universal Credit you need to maintain a journal, giving details of all your work-related activities.

Last updated on 13/07/2021