Local lettings policy for Conwy Close and Bevan Close

Conwy Close and Bevan Close in Tilehurst is a development of new homes built by Reading Borough Council and comprises of a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.

To ensure that the development is sustainable in the long term, it is essential that allocations of housing lead to a mixed and balanced community on the site and potential risks are considered and mitigated at this stage. In order to achieve this the council will put in place a local lettings policy. The Council’s Allocations Scheme makes provision for the use of local lettings policies for specific areas in order for the Council to meet its stated aims with regards to promoting sustainability and creating balanced communities.

Site Specific Issues

The development is dense and located on the same site as two special needs
schools and a leisure centre and is in close proximity to a primary school.

Desired Outcomes:

  • To build a mixed and sustainable community
  • To manage child density within the development
  • To mitigate for any risks of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity

Local Lettings

In order to achieve these outcomes the local lettings policy will consist of the following:

  • Balancing the levels of need on the scheme – Allocations will be made to
    include a mix of higher and lower level needs to create a balanced community.
  • Balancing child density – Allocations will be made to take into account
    the level of child density and the potential for future overcrowding.
    Where possible families will have the opportunity to grow within their
    accommodation and for their homes to be considered as a long term
    permanent home. Consideration will be given to reducing the number of
    properties that are filled to their maximum capacity and allow for under
    occupation by one bed space.
  • Affordability checks – These will be carried out with each prospective
    tenant to ensure that the accommodation is, and remains affordable for
  • Risk management – Allocations will not be made to applicants with:
    • a history of aggression, violence, nuisance & drug dealing.
    • with drug convictions in the last 5 years or applicants who have used drugs heavily in the last 12 months.
    • applicants who Thames Valley Police believe have a negative
      association with others in the area based on intelligence held on
      their files

Checks will be carried out by Thames Valley Police, Anti-Social Behaviour
Teams and other internal systems.

Additional Requirements

In addition the following actions will be carried out prior and during the
tenancy to support the community:

  • For vulnerable households requiring support a three-way agreement will be signed between the support provider, Housing Officer and prospective tenant to ensure that the tenant will abide by the conditions of the tenancy. The Housing Officer and support provider will provide the necessary support with increased frequency of visits. Increased frequency of visits by the Housing Officers to introductory tenants so that any emerging support needs, nuisance issues or breaches of tenancy can be dealt with at an earlier stage.

Review period

This Local Lettings Policy will be reviewed on a 6 monthly basis with a full
review after one year.

Last updated on 19/02/2021