Register for housing

Demand for social housing is high and registering for this type of accommodation is not an instant housing solution. If you are homeless or at risk of losing your home please contact the Housing Advice Service on 0118 9372165 or using our contact form.

If you register with Homechoice you will be able to bid on social housing. To register you must be at least 16, not subject to immigration control, live in Reading and have done so for at least three consecutive years. Alternatively you can print and send this paper registration form

You should read the allocation scheme summary or the full scheme to find out the full details.

The allocations scheme will be updated on 4th April 2022 to incorporate some of the changes from the New Allocations Scheme which will be implemented in full later in the year.  See the amendments to the Housing Allocations Scheme.

If you are already registered on Homechoice but you have moved home then you will need to complete a change of address form. This is because you will need to be re-assessed as your banding may change. You will not be considered for any further offers until an updated form is completed.

Homechoice banding

We base your priority band on the information in your registration form. You will be classed as one of the following:

  • Band A: Emergency need to move
  • Band B: Urgent need to move
  • Band C: Intermediate need to move
  • Band D: Moderate need to move
  • Band E: Low level need to move
  • No priority for housing

We may reduce you to ‘no priority for housing’ if your circumstances change or you:

  • have a history of rent arrears or antisocial behaviour
  • are an owner-occupier or can meet your housing costs
  • have made yourself intentionally homeless
  • have altered your Council house without our permission or are subject to possession proceedings

Homefinder UK

Homefinder UK is an easy to use online service that helps to match applicants with properties belonging to other local authorities and Registered Providers throughout the UK giving you more choice over where you live, how much rent you pay, and access to employment.  It may be easier to access social homes outside of the South East if this is a priority for you.

Who can join

Homefinder is open to all households in housing need.

How it works

Properties are advertised on the Homefinder website, once you have completed the online registration form it is sent to Reading Borough Council to confirm the details you gave. Once approved you will be provided with log in details and will be able to bid for homes.

How to join

Apply online here. If you need any help please contact the Housing Needs Outreach Worker on 0118 937 2311.

Last updated on 04/04/2022