Living with friends and family – eviction

Living with family or friends is the cheapest form of accommodation and it can give you the opportunity to save money as well as to engage in education and training.

If you are moving out of your family home the first time it is especially important that you are well prepared. We will work with you to try to prevent you from becoming homeless and help you move on in a planned way.

Why you may have been asked to leave

This could be because:

  • you aren’t paying enough towards household costs and/or
  • there are lots of arguments in the home and/or
  • your friends/family are unhappy about your behaviour and/or
  • you aren’t keeping to the conditions of your stay and/or
  • overcrowding is causing tension in the home

There may be things you can do which could allow you to stay living with family and friends for longer or until you resolve your housing situation. For example:

  • changing your behaviour – if this has become an issue
  • paying more towards household costs – if the people you live with claim benefits they will have money deducted because you live there (this is called a ‘non-dependent deduction’)
  • claiming Universal Credit to help towards your housing costs – if you are living with friends and you have your own room you may be able to make a claim for Universal Credit to help with the cost of the rent

How we can help

We will arrange a home visit so we can meet with your family/friends, confirm your situation and try to agree a plan to try to prevent you from becoming homeless. Your plan could include:

  • working with you and your friends/family to discuss and agree changes in how you live together so you can remain living with them – this is called an acceptable behaviour contract
  • referring you to a floating support service (support provided to you in the community to help you to improve independent living skills and sustain your current or future accommodation.
  • referring you and your friends/family to mediation services – if everyone is willing to do this. Mediation is a simple process that allows those in conflict to come together, listen and understand each other’s points of view. This is done with the help of trained mediators who are excellent listeners and good at understanding personal situations. They don’t choose sides or judge and will simply work to help you find solutions everyone can live with.
  • offering advice on ways to improve your income and increase your contribution to the household
  • referring the whole family/household for additional support services
  • looking at ways to maximise space to ease overcrowding
    We will contact you and your friends/family at least every fortnight to make sure that the steps agreed with you both are working.

Helping you moving on in a planned way

If staying with friends or family is not a long-term option we will offer advice and help you to create a personalised housing plan which includes appropriate and realistic options for moving on.

This may include:

  • offering advice and support to help you find private rented accommodation
  • referring you to supported accommodation – this depends on your needs and whether you
    have lived on your own before. Supported accommodation is where housing and support are provided as an integrated
    package. Services are designed to help people develop the emotional and practical skills needed to move on into independent housing. We will meet with you regularly to review your plan and ensure that the agreed steps remain suitable and are being completed.

Contact the Homeless Prevention Service

Call: 0118 937 2165 (office hours)