Homelessness Reduction Act

The Homelessness Reduction Act came into effect from 3rd April 2018. The Act will bring about key changes in homelessness legislation which mean we must work with households earlier and for a longer amount of time so that we can proactively support households to find longer term housing solutions.

Under the Act we are required to provide free information and advice to everybody who contacts the Homeless Prevention Service who is homeless or threatened with homelessness in the future. This includes advice on:

  • preventing homelessness
  • how to secure accommodation when homeless
  • the rights of people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and the duties of the local authority
  • the help available to people who are threatened with homelessness
  • how to access the help that is available

We are also required to provide specialist information and advice for specific vulnerable groups who may find themselves threatened with homelessness or without accommodation. This specific advice will be made available to:

The Homelessness Reduction Act extends the period during which someone might be threatened with homelessness from 28 days to 56 days. This means that anyone that has been served with a valid Section 21 notice to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy that expires in 56 days or less is classed as being threatened with homelessness. Therefore, where eligible, households will be owed help at an earlier stage and for a longer period of time. You should contact the Homeless Prevention Service as soon as you become aware that your accommodation could be at risk.