Main Duty

During the Relief Duty we can issue the following decisions:

Non priority

If you are notified that you are not in priority need, you will not be provided with emergency accommodation. If you fall into one of the following categories you are likely to be in priority need:

  • are pregnant
  • have a dependent child/ children
  • are aged 16 or 17 (we will also refer you to Children Services)
  • are under 21 and a care leaver
  • are vulnerable due to physical or mental health

Intentionally homeless

We look at the reasons why you became homeless to see if it was a result of your actions or because you failed to do something. If we believe you are intentionally homeless we will invite you to a separate interview to discuss this further. You will be given a reasonable amount of time and advice to find alternative accommodation before you are asked to leave any accommodation that has been provided for you.

If we issue a negative decision it will not affect the work we do to find you suitable accommodation but you will not be owed a Full Housing Duty. If you disagree with the decision you can request a review.

Last updated on 26/02/2020