The RRWC Scheme is based upon four tiers of banding: (1) Bronze; (2) Silver, (3) Gold and (4) Platinum. The tiers reflect the different levels of private sector standards each with different criteria, with Platinum being the highest.

In order to achieve a specific banding the property/landlord needs to demonstrate that they both meet the criteria in the bandings below it. For example, to achieve the silver tier the property/landlord must already have met the bronze criteria. Similarly, to achieve the gold criteria, the property/ landlord must have already met the bronze and silver criteria.

Scheme Criteria Overview

Platinum Rated

  • All of Bronze, Silver & Gold criteria to be met
  • Excellent condition of property
  • Landlord displays high levels of management for tenants & properties

Gold Rated

  • All of Bronze and Silver criteria to be met
  • To provide, if possible, long term tenancies (e.g. 2 year tenancies)
  • Properties in very good decorative repair and modernised
  • Member of a Landlord Accreditation / Association Scheme

Silver Rated

  • All of Bronze criteria to be met
  • Charge maximum deposit up to a maximum of five weeks in accordance with the Tenant Fees Act 2019
  • Regular recorded property inspections
  • Target response times for emergencies and other requests
  • Written and recorded inventory for check-in and check-out
  • Must attain C & D criterion of the Decent Homes Standard

Bronze Rated

  • Property free of Category 1 and High Category 2 hazards (HHSRS)
  • Gas/ Electrical certificates provided to tenants (and Local Authority on request)
  • EPC minimum of standard ‘E’ in specified property
  • Written Assured Shorthold Tenancy’s for all tenants
  • All deposits must be protected
  • Must carry out Right to Rent checks
  • Provide How to Rent guide
  • No rental increases within fixed term tenancies (12 months or less)
  • Fire/Heat/Carbon monoxide detectors to be fitted and checked annually
  • Meet a fit and proper person test
  • All HMO Management Regulations to be complied with
  • All applicable Consumer Protection Regulations to be complied with
  • All tenant’s applications considered prior to the financial affordability procedure
  • Required landlord insurance to be in place
  • Provide adequate storage for refuse and recycling & share relevant waste and recycling information with all tenants.