Repairs and maintenance

You should always report disrepair to your landlord/managing agent. You can find advice and a template letter to help you do this on the Shelter website.

If you have contacted your landlord about a problem or hazard in your home and they have done nothing about it, we may be able to help. You could also contact ShelterCitizens Advice or the Deposit Guarantee Scheme if you use the service. You should never stop paying your rent as a protest.

Damp and mould

Dampness can occur in homes for many different reasons.  Our damp and mould guidance details common causes of dampness and what should be done to deal with them.

You can also watch this information on condensation and mould growth video, produced by the NLA.


Contact the HMO team and we will be in touch within five working days – sooner in an emergency – and might visit you to look at the problem.

We use the Housing Health and Safety Rating System to assess hazards in your home. Hazards are identified as either serious (category 1) or less serious (category 2). Shelter offer details on the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Other repairs and maintenance advice


Filthy and verminous premises

Inspecting your property: what to expect

Lead pipes

Utility disconnections

Last updated on 14/06/2023