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Reading Borough Council Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Welcome to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Reading, where we describe the health, social care and wellbeing needs of people who live in our area.

What is a JSNA?

The JSNA is a local assessment of the current and future health, social care and wellbeing needs of the local population in Reading.

The JSNA also looks at a wider range of factors that help shape the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and local communities such as education, employment and the environment.

The JSNA uses data and evidence to highlight needs of the whole community. It is a key source of information which is used by the Health and Wellbeing Board to agree the priorities that will inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Why do we need a JSNA?

Councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs - NHS bodies responsible for planning health care services for their local areas) have a joint duty to prepare JSNAs and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWS), through the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Our approach to JSNA:

Reading Borough Council's Wellbeing Team led the production of the JSNA in collaboration with strategic partners and colleagues. A core national data set was collated from published statistical information by Public Health Services for Berkshire.

Future direction:

Reading Borough Council is currently exploring options for future development of the JSNA. We want to make sure the JSNA continues to be a valuable resource for planning of services and that people have access to the statistical information about Reading that they need.


Most of the information provided about Reading in the JSNA is available from public sources. Different information is published for different geographical areas (for example, the number of people living in a Council's boundary, or who are patients of a particular CCG). Some information is available for Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) - very small geographical areas of around 650 households.) If you would like help to locate, access, analyse or interpret information, please contact the Wellbeing team at  Some suggested resources for accessing the most up-to-date information for a range of topics are provided below:

Demographic information and social and environmental determinants of health

Living well

Maternity, birth and early years

Childhood and growing up (Developing Well)

Older adults

National Survey data

More information about evidence-based interventions for health and wellbeing

More information about services provided in Reading

If you have any comments on the content or format of the JSNA, or any suggestions on how it can be improved, please contact us.

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Ward profiles

Reading Clinical Commissioning Group profiles

Public Health Annual Report

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