Central Pool & Arthur Hill Pool Closures

A modern 8 lane 25 metre competition standard pool (including full diving facilities) will be built at the Rivermead site to replace Central Pool which will close at the end of this year. In east Reading, a new 25 metre community pool will be built in Palmer Park (linked to existing leisure facilities) and will replace Arthur Hill Pool.

Arthur Hill Pool and Central Pool are ageing and expensive to run. They require major investment in order to bring them up to an acceptable standard. Both centres are now closed.

The Council is instead choosing to team up with a leisure provider and invest in modern new sport facilities. We are in the process of identifying a delivery partner through a detailed procurement process, which is ongoing. We expect to be in a position to put in place a new leisure contract by Summer 2018 and that construction of both new pools will begin later in 2018. The current timetable is that both new pools will be open for public use by 2020.

In the meantime, the Council is building a 25-metre 5-lane demountable pool at Rivermead (which is in addition to the existing swimming pool currently on the site). This is to provide an additional swimming facility pending the construction of the two new pools. The demountable pool is expected to be open for public use by January 2018, following the scheduled closure of Central Pool in December 2017.

The above was laid out in a report to the Council’s Policy Committee in October last year.