Service disruptions at the cemeteries and crematorium (Covid-19)

From 19th July, all funeral services will return to normal with up to 100 people seated in the South Chapel and up to 35 in the West Chapel.

Please note that during the service you will be mixing with people you don’t normally meet and therefore we advise wearing a mask, but this isn’t compulsory.

Singing is allowed in the chapels, however, hymn books are currently not in use.

We cannot allow witness charging of coffins due to operational difficulties , but this will continued to be reviewed.

Hand sanitizer is available outside the Cemetery office, Hall of Memory and Chapels.

As of Monday 17 May 2021 we have some changes to our service.

Office opening

The Cemetery Office is open to the public. We ask that masks be worn and that a maximum of two visitors are in Reception at one time to adhere to social distancing regulations.

Collection of ashes

Families may now collect ashes from the office. Please either telephone or email in advance to make an appointment to do so.

Attending a funeral

Government guidance allows a modest number of close friends and family of the deceased to attend the funeral. Consideration must be given to the two metres social distancing requirement.

Families and mourners attending funeral services in the chapels will be required to wear face masks. This will also be required for anyone visiting the cemetery and crematorium office.

Mourners who are self-isolating for 10 days due to someone in their household being unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), but are not symptomatic themselves may attend the funeral in person should they wish to do so. We have processes in place to minimise the risk of transmission. Please inform your funeral director prior to the service so arrangements can be made.

Mourners who are clinically vulnerable or in a shielded group will also be able to attend, with processes in place to minimise the risk of transmission. Please inform your funeral director prior to the service so arrangements can be made.

Any mourner who is showing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms (a new continuous cough or high temperature) should not attend the funeral as they pose a risk to others. We can provide web casting of the funeral, to allow for remote participation.

Maximum attendees

There are no restrictions on the numbers who can attend a burial.

The maximum number of mourners has changed to 30 in the South Chapel and 12 in the West Chapel.

The numbers attending the scattering or burial of ashes is now 30.

Our waiting rooms are unavailable; however, toilet facilities are available at the rear of the main office.


Webcasting and other media options are available for services.

Music and singing

You can have an organist.

Singing is allowed at graveside. A soloist or small group may sing in the chapel. This should be limited to as few singers as possible, with social distancing maintained at all times.


The curtains can remain open, but families are requested not to go up to the coffin.

Witness charge

Witness charges have been suspended until the Government restrictions have been lifted.

Service sheets

We ask that service sheets be brought to the crematorium on the day of the funeral. Please send a copy via email to, so we can check the music requirements.

Open coffin

We will allow open coffins, but, request that families refrain from approaching the coffin.

Carrying the coffin

We request that families do not carry in the coffin, to minimise the handling of the coffin.

Track and trace

Attendees will have to give track and trace information. The funeral director will ask the funeral organiser to complete a form of consent.

Hand washing or sanitising facilities

Hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser are available. The outside toilets are open.

Back filling of grave by family

Families may back fill a grave but this will be limited to 4 people only and social distancing is required.