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Photo of Aaron Stevens
Photo of Aaron Stevens

Aaron Stevens, Duty Manager, Palmer Park Leisure Centre, Directorate of Economic, Growth and Neighbourhood Services

I'm Aaron Stevens. I'm a Duty Manager at Palmer Park leisure centre and I've worked here since 2011. I started as a leisure attendant and worked my way up from lifeguard to gym instructor to Duty Manager. I've received quite a lot of training, like the NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) and training in first aid and health and safety.

There are lots of roles here at the leisure centre. You might work here if you're interested in fitness. We have lots of classes, from fitness to services like classes for people recovering from heart conditions and strokes, to weights and spin classes. But we also have people working on reception, a marketing team and there's a lot of administration - like doing risk assessments and banking the money at the end of the week. And we run lots of events for external groups.

I like being part of the Council's leisure service because it feels like part of the community. You get to know the people who come in and they get to know you. 

Photo of David Munday
Photo of David Munday

David Munday, Public Health Consultant, Directorate of Adult Social Care and Health

I'm David Munday, and I recently joined Reading as the Council's Public health Consultant. Being a local lad - I grew up in Woodley - it's good to be back in an area I know and like. Reading's ethnically diverse, it has affluent and deprived areas, there are quite a few 'anchor' institutions like major employers, the university, and key sports teams. It's an interesting and vibrant place. 

It's great to be part of the Council because the direction of travel is really positive and something I want to be part of.  The Council is a good size to work in, you get to know who people are and feel like you have ownership of where the organisation is going. There's something nimble and effective about working in a unitary authority.

Working in public health really exemplifies the TEAM Reading ethos that we have here at the Council - public health cuts across all our corporate objectives from creating clean, green spaces, to investing in better leisure provision, to writing transport strategies that deliver cleaner air and safer streets. I us to work even more with different teams and departments across the organisation to see how everyone can play a part in improving health and wellbeing for the residents in the borough.

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