Feedback needed on new Reading All-Age Autism Strategy

We’re asking for feedback on the new borough-wide Reading All-Age Autism Strategy to ensure all partners and organisations are doing everything they can to help autistic people in Reading.

A public consultation has now been launched to gather feedback ahead of finalising identified priorities which autistic people in Reading have said they want addressed over the next four year period.

The seven key priority areas identified in the Reading All-Age Autism Strategy are:

  • Improving awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism
  • Improving support and access to early years, education and supporting positive transitions and preparing for adulthood
  • Increasing employment, vocation and training opportunities for autistic people
  • Better lives for autistic people - tackling health and care inequalities and building the right support in the community and supporting people in inpatient care
  • Housing and Independent Living
  • Keeping safe and the Criminal and Youth Justice System
  • Supporting families and carers of autistic people

Reading’s All-Age Autism Needs Assessment informed the 2022-26 strategy, designed by autistic residents, parent carers, carers, professionals working with autistic children and adults, local partners and statutory services.

The 60 day consultation began on 20 July and runs until 18 September.

Have your say in the Reading All-Age Autism Strategy consultation.

There will be a public event, focus groups, an Easy Read version of the strategy and additional support available on request where needed to complete the consultation.

Reading Borough Council in partnership with key local stakeholders, including Voluntary Sector Organisations, Education, the NHS and Criminal Justice System, are leading on the development of a Reading All-Age Autism Strategy.