Building control charges

Depending on the building work you are doing, you may be charged a standard rate or an individually determined charge.

There are three ways of applying for building regulation approval:

1 – Full plans application

Detailed plans and specification notes are deposited with the Council for assessment. This should be well in advance of when work is to start on site. For domestic applications, one set of plans and details are necessary. For designated use/commercial applications, two sets of plans and details are necessary as for the purpose of Fire Consultation.

Your submitted plans and specification will be checked by one of our Building Control Officers to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. If they do comply, your application will be issued with an Approval Notice. If you choose either not to amend your plans or submit revised plans, unfortunately your application will be issued with a Rejection Notice.

The works on site will be inspected at various stages by Building Control Service. From deposit of application, the Full Plans application takes 5 weeks. You can request for extension of time to 8 weeks.

Charges are shown in the tables below, and are payable at deposit of the application.

2 – Building Notice application

The Building Notice procedure does not initially require any detailed plans (only a location/block plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250).

Building Notice applications are only suitable for domestic works, and only get accepted, not approved. If additional information is felt to be necessary throughout the project, we can request it at any time, i.e. structural calculations. Once you have given your building notice, you can start work and it can be inspected within 48 hours of the application being registered.

Charges are shown in the tables below, and are payable at deposit of the application.

3 – Regularisation application (Unauthorised building work application)

This procedure can enable retrospective Building Regulation approval to be gained for any building work undertaken without approval on or after 11th November 1985. The Regularisation procedure allows the Local Authority to assess any building works that have been carried out and completed without the submission of plans, or giving of statutory notice of inspections.

Once the works have been assessed and any necessary remedial works carried out, a Certificate of Regularisation will be issued.

This procedure does not replace the enforcement powers already available to the Local Authority and does not provide a short cut for those who fail to follow correct procedures. Works were carried out. A single charge is payable, on deposit of the application. No VAT is payable in the case. You must submit the following with your application:

  • Completed Regularisation application form
  • Appropriate fee; please see charges schedule or speak to us
  • A plan of the unauthorised work; to a recognised scale, unless the works are of a minor nature.
  • A plan showing any additional work required; showing that the unauthorised work complies with the Building Regulations in place at the time of construction.
  • Additional details may be requested; such as calculations to justify structural members, thermal performance of the building or other requirements of the Regulations.

Standard charges

These standard charges have been set by the Council on the basis that the building work does not consist of, or include, innovative or high risk construction techniques and/ or the duration of the building work from commencement to completion does not exceed 12 months.

The charges have also been set on the basis of that the design and building work is undertaken by a person or company that is competent to carry out this type of work. If not, the works may incur a supplementary charge.

Note: where an application is withdrawn or cancelled there will be a standard charge of £50 to cover Building Control administration time. Where a plan has been checked for compliance with the Building Regulations, there will be a further charge for the administration and the time taken by the Surveyor to check the plans.

Any requests to re-open archived Building Regulation files which have not been visited for three years or more will be subject to a supplementary fee of £72. Where building work is delayed or halted several months or years after the Building Regulation Application was first submitted to the Local Authority, this may result in Building Control work that often exceeds the original application fee charged and in these circumstances, the Council may charge a supplementary fee to recover these additional costs. The additional charge will be based on the hourly rate charge as detailed in the scheme for recovery of Building Regulation Charges and Associated matters.

Schedule 1

Standard charges for new dwellings or conversions to a new dwelling (not over 300m2)

Standard charge for the creation of new dwellings
Number of dwellings Full Plan & Building Notice charge Regularisation charge
1 £730


2 £1050


3 £1150



VAT not applicable for regularisation. Figures in bold include VAT.

You should contact us if:

  • the development consists of four or more dwellings
  • there is a similarity of house types
  • the dwelling has a floor area over 300m2
  • the dwelling has more than three floors above ground level
  • the work consists of a a conversion into a dwelling or dwellings

Schedule 2

Standard charge for domestic extensions, detached garage, loft/garage conversion to a single dwelling

Category Description Full Plan & Building Notice charge Regularisation charge
1 Extension not over 10m2 £480


2 Extension between 10m2 and 40m2 £570


3 Extension between 40m2 and 60m2 £670


4 Erection or extension of a detached or attached garage or carport to be used in common with an existing building £390


Loft conversions
5 Extension or alteration to a loft to create rooms (cost of works not exceeding £35,000) £620


Garage conversions
6 Conversion of a single garage for habitable use (single garage with an estimated cost of works not exceeding £10,000). £390



VAT not applicable for regularisation. Figures in bold include VAT.

Schedule 3

Standard charge for domestic alterations. If more than one item from this list, the work must be done under Schedule 4.

Window replacement, electrical works, renovation of thermal elements and structural alterations
Category Description Fixed price for full plans or building notice Regularisation charge (RC)
7 Window replacement – up to 10 windows in a single dwelling (not covered by the competent persons scheme) £126


8 Window replacement – between 10 and 20 windows in a single dwelling (not covered by the competent persons scheme) £147


9 Any electrical work other than rewiring of a dwelling (not schedule 2 works or part of the competent persons scheme) £305


10 Rewiring or new installation in a dwelling (not schedule 2 or part of the competent persons scheme) £347


11 Renovation of a thermal element in a single dwelling (e.g. roof, ground floor or wall) in a dwelling (works not exceeding £5000) £95


12 Structural alterations (e.g. new steel beams, chimney breast removal) £147



VAT not applicable for regularisation. Figures in bold include VAT.

Schedule 4

Standard charge for all other domestic work not covered by schedules 2 and 3

All other domestic work
Category Description Full Plan & Building Notice charge Regularisation charge
13 Up to £5,000 £250


£5,001 to £10,000 £440


£10,001 to £20,000 £690


£20,001 to £30,000 £780


£30,001 to £40,000 £860


£40,001 to £50,000 £970



VAT not applicable for regularisation. Figures in bold include VAT.

Individual determination of a charge

Charges are individually calculated for larger, more complex schemes that do not fall into the standard charge categories.

Email us a description of your proposed works or call us on 0118 937 2449 for a quote.

Electrical works

An additional £350 (including VAT) will be charged for any electrical work carried out not using an appropriately qualified/Part P registered electrician while carrying out other building work.

How to pay

You should complete our online building regulations application form if you want to apply and pay for full plans, building notice, regularisation or resubmission.

Alternatively you can download a paper copy of the building regulations application form. You can use our online payment system to make payment.