Community Engagement

Community Engagement Team on Oxford Road
Community Engagement Team on Oxford Road

Community engagement is critical to the development of the project. The HSHAZ programme wants to give local residents a key role in deciding what they want to see happening on their high street.

How can you get involved?

Our Community Research Team planning pilot engagements on the Oxford Road
Our Community Research Team planning pilot engagements on the Oxford Road


The HSHAZ team will be recruiting volunteers to support the various strands of the project throughout the programme. These will be shared through our partners The Museum Partnership Reading platform Better Impact.

We do not currently have any adverts live, but if you are interested in volunteering on the HSHAZ project and hearing about other opportunities please email the team at:

Who We Are: Moving Stories – with Reside Dance C.I.C

As part of our Oxford Road pilot project Reside Dance worked in partnership with No. 5 Young People to run two dance and movement workshops that gave 11 – 25 year olds an alternative way to respond to the history and heritage of the Oxford Road. Through dance and moment, young people were invited to explore what the Oxford Road means to them and how they would like the history of the area to be celebrated. The workshops also provided an opportunity for local young people to make new friends, and discover new creative ways of improving wellbeing and mental health.

Reside Dance brought ‘Moving Stories’ to Waterfest with a special workshop and performance on the Forbury Hill to help promote the next stage of this project.

The HSHAZ and Reside Dance are offering free dance workshops in the summer for residents to express themselves and celebrate Reading and it’s communities’ history and heritage while learning different dance styles from around the world.

Feedback on our cultural pilot projects

If you have engaged with any of our cultural projects we would love to hear what you thought! Your feedback will help us to shape future activities during the programme.