Public Realm Improvements

Member of the HSHAZ team with a young girl

Have your say on Heritage High Streets Reading

Earlier this year, the Reading HSHAZ team, with support from urban design practice Feria Urbanism, conducted a series of on-site public engagement encounters across the three conservation areas in Reading town centre – Oxford Road, St Mary’s Butts & Castle Street and Market Place & London Street.

You may have encountered the team with their big wooden board, covered with ideas and suggestions for change? The team were also making audio recordings so you may have seen them with their microphone and headphones! The purpose of these encounters was to gather information from people in the street to better understand what changes people would like to see in in these three heritage areas. The team now wish to share their research with a wider audience through a dedicated website.

See the results so far. You can listen to what people have told the team and have your say by answering the short survey questions.

Suggestions board at Saint Mary's Butts and Castle Street