Planning policy

We consider all planning applications against our planning policies. Policies are reviewed frequently, so please check this list for the latest version.

Local Plan

Main policies for deciding planning applications

pdf icon Local Plan [5Mb]

Contains planning policies to manage development in Reading up to 2036. This is the main document which is used to decide planning applications. More information can be found on the New Local Plan page.Adopted November 2019

Proposals map

pdf icon Overview and key [1Mb]

pdf icon Pages A to D [11Mb]

pdf icon Pages E to G [9Mb]

pdf icon Pages H to K [11Mb]

pdf icon Pages L to N [6Mb]

pdf icon Pages O to R [2Mb]

Identifies designations from the Local Plan in map format.Adopted November 2019

The Central and Eastern Berkshire Minerals and Waste Plan

Bracknell Forest Council, Reading Borough Council, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, and Wokingham Borough Council (collectively referred to as 'Central & Eastern Berkshire Authorities') are working in partnership to produce a Joint Minerals & Waste Plan which will guide minerals and waste decision-making in the Plan area.Consultation on a Draft Plan took place between August and October 2018

Other main planning policy documents

Planning policy documents not part of the Local Plan on specific topics
pdf icon Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule [1Mb]Information on the charge imposed on new developments to support the provision of infrastructure. Approved January 2015
pdf icon Statement of Community Involvement [966kb]Sets out how we intend to consult on planning policy documents, and how developers should consult on major planning applications.Adopted March 2014
pdf icon Duty to cooperate scoping strategy [1Mb]Deals with how we intend to fulfil our 'duty to co-operate' in plan-making with key partners under the Localism Act 2011.Latest version December 2015
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report [1Mb]Sets out how we assess what the environmental, social and economic effects of our plans and policies would be.Revised September 2014
pdf icon Local Development Scheme [1Mb]Sets out the programme for producing planning policy documents.Amended November 2016
Annual Monitoring Report (AMR): pdf icon 2019 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2018 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2017 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2016 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2015 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2014 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2013 [771kb] | pdf icon 2012 [4Mb] | pdf icon 2011 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2010 [2Mb] | pdf icon 2009 [3Mb] | pdf icon 2008 [4Mb] | pdf icon 2007 [2Mb] | pdf icon 2006 [4Mb]AMRs report on the production of policy documents. They also report on the effect the policies are having.New reports produced every December

Supplementary planning documents - topics

Guidance for Local Plan documents
pdf icon Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document [1Mb]Provides developers with guidance on the policy and explains how we expect you to contribute to affordable housing when making a planning application.Adopted July 2013
pdf icon Design Guide to House Extensions [2Mb]Provides guidance on how extensions to houses should be designed.Adopted May 2003
pdf icon Employment, Skills and Training Supplementary Planning Document [1Mb]Provides detailed guidance on how we expect developers to contribute to employment initiatives, such as creating apprenticeship, employment and training opportunities for the local workforce.Adopted April 2013
pdf icon Revised Parking Standards and Design Supplementary Planning Document [4Mb]Provides guidance on the levels of parking required as part of new developments.Adopted October 2011
pdf icon Residential Conversions Supplementary Planning Document [2Mb]Sets out detailed policy on converting houses to flats or houses in multiple occupation. This includes things like assessing the character of the area, loss of privacy and the impact it would have on the community.Adopted November 2013
pdf icon Planning Obligations under Section 106 Supplementary Planning Document [565kb]Sets out how planning obligations under Section 106 for new development will be secured, in the context of the Community Infrastructure Levy. See our pdf icon Section 106 Adoption Statement [253kb] for more information or read our pdf icon Consultation Report [171kb].Adopted April 2015
pdf icon Sustainable Design and Construction Supplementary Planning Document [1Mb]Contains further guidance on the sustainability policies in the Reading Borough Local Plan. Please also see the pdf icon Adoption Statement [208kb] for details of its adoption, and the pdf icon Statement of Consultation [196kb] for the results of consultation on the draft during 2019.Adopted December 2019

Supplementary planning documents - sites

Guidance to Local Plan documents on specific sites
pdf icon Battle Hospital Planning Brief [7Mb]Development principles for the former Battle Hospital site. Much of the development has now been completed, but there are still parts of the site where development may come forward.Adopted October 2005
pdf icon Caversham Lock Development Principles [2Mb]Contains planning guidance for the future of one of Reading's most important riverside areas.Adopted March 2006
pdf icon Dee Park Planning Brief [3Mb]Provides guidance on the major regeneration of the Dee Park area.Adopted December 2008
pdf icon Kenavon Drive Urban Design Concept Statement [2Mb]Seeks to guide the form of any development of the Kenavon Drive area.Adopted July 2004
pdf icon Meadway Centre Planning Brief [6Mb]Provides guidance on the future of the Meadway Centre on Honey End Land.Adopted November 2013

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Part 1 [8Mb]

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Part 2 [8Mb]

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Part 3 [9Mb]

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Note on Sustainability Appraisal [272kb]

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Adoption Statement [250kb]

pdf icon Minster Quarter Area Development Framework Equality Scoping [158kb]

Provides development principles for the Minster Quarter AreaAdopted December 2018
pdf icon Reading Prison Framework [2Mb]Sets out guidelines on the future of this important site in central Reading - in particular the vital heritage issues. Download our pdf icon Prison Framework Adoption Statement [65kb] for more information and see the pdf icon Consultation Report [95kb].Adopted March 2015
pdf icon Reading Station Area Framework [19Mb]Sets out principles and guidelines for how development around the station should take shape.Adopted December 2010
pdf icon South West Reading Planning Brief [2Mb]Sets out planning guidelines for the South West Reading Area.Approved April 2000
pdf icon Station Hill South Planning and Urban Designs Brief [12Mb]Provides development principles for the area bounded by Station Road, Reading Station, Greyfriars Road and Friar Street.Adopted March 2007

Technical reports and background evidence

Research or technical information used in drawing up planning policy

pdf icon Aggregates Monitoring Survey 2011 [436kb]

Joint Minerals and Waste Annual Monitoring Report: pdf icon 2010 [300kb] | pdf icon 2009 [325kb]

The six Berkshire authorities used to produce these joint reports. They are no longer produced separately.Now incorporated into Annual Monitoring Reports
excel_file icon Brownfield Land Register [230kb]

An annual register of brownfield land suitable for housing development. Includes maps (sites pdf icon BL1001-1052 [612kb]pdf icon BL2001-2051 [3Mb]pdf icon BL3001-3026 [4Mb]pdf icon BL4001-4025 [3Mb]pdf icon BL5001-5012 [1Mb].

This relates only to Part 1 of the Register, as no sites have been placed on Part 2.

December 2019
pdf icon City Centre Framework [6Mb]An urban design strategy for central Reading, produced to inform the Reading Central Area Action Plan.Published March 2008

pdf icon Employment Land Review Report [2Mb]

pdf icon Site-specific analysis 2009 [3Mb]

A study of the need for new employment floorspace, published in 2006.  Further work was carried out in 2009 on the future specific employment land.Report published 2006, analysis 2009
pdf icon Berkshire Functional Economic Market Area Study [9Mb]This study is the result of co-operation between the six Berkshire unitary authorities and Thames Valley Berkshire LEP to examine what the economic market areas that exist within Berkshire are.Published February 2016

Central Berkshire Economic Development Needs Assessment

A study examining the need for land for economic development use in Central Berkshire.Published November 2016
Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Background InformationA pdf icon Gypsy and Traveller, Travelling Showperson and Houseboat Dweller Accommodation Assessment [775kb] was published in June 2017 to assess accommodation needs. A pdf icon â€‹Gypsy and Traveller Provision Background Document [6Mb] sets out the work that has been undertaken in looking for sites to meet this need.September 2017

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment, May 2017

pdf icon Volume I Main Report [5Mb]

pdf icon Volume II Detailed tables [404kb]

A Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) has been undertaken to feed into the Local Plan. This is based on a methodology agreed with five of the six Berkshire authorities.November 2017
pdf icon Infrastructure Delivery Plan [448kb]Sets out what will be needed to carry out proposals in the development planPublished May 2017
pdf icon Local Aggregates Assessment [436kb]Examines trends in the production of aggregates in Berkshire and looks at potential future demand and supply.Published annually - latest version published in 2014

Monitoring of commitments (non-residential): pdf icon 2019 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2018 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2017 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2016 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2015 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2014 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2013 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2012 [2Mb] | pdf icon 2011 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2010 [3Mb] | pdf icon 2009 [3Mb] | pdf icon 2008 [3Mb] | pdf icon 2007 [15Mb] | pdf icon 2006 [9Mb] 

Annual monitoring of the progress of non-residential planning permissions.Published annually, covering year 1 April-31 March

Monitoring of commitments (residential): pdf icon 2019 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2018 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2017 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2016 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2015 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2014 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2013 [917kb] | pdf icon 2012 [2Mb] | pdf icon 2011 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2010 [3Mb] | pdf icon 2009 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2008 [1Mb] | pdf icon 2007 [7Mb]  | pdf icon 2006 [5Mb]

Annual monitoring of the progress of planning permissions for housing.Published annually, covering year 1 April-31 March
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: pdf icon Main report [4Mb] | pdf icon Appendix A [2Mb] | pdf icon Appendix B [2Mb] | pdf icon Appendix C part 1 [10Mb]pdf icon Appendix C part 2 [7Mb] |pdf icon Appendix D [163kb]A document assessing flood risk in Reading to inform planning policy and decisions.Published June 2017
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 | pdf icon Main report [804kb] | pdf icon Appendix A [8Mb] | pdf icon Appendix B [4Mb]Detailed flood risk assessment work on individual sites.Published December 2017
pdf icon Strategic Housing Market Assessment [5Mb]The six Berkshire unitary authorities and the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP have co-operated on a Strategic Housing Market Assessment, which examines the need for housing in the area, including affordable housing.  The final SHMA was published in February 2016.Published February 2016

pdf icon Tall Buildings Strategy [16Mb]

pdf icon Tall Buildings Market Analysis [534kb]


A study looking at the scope for tall buildings in central Reading.  This study, along with the accompanying market analysis, informed the policy in the Reading Central Area Action Plan. A study looking at the scope for tall buildings in central Reading.  This study, along with the accompanying market analysis, informed the policy in the Reading Central Area Action Plan.Strategy published January 2008


Market Analysis published November 2007

pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Leisure Study [16Mb]Assesses whether there is a need for additional retail and leisure provision in Reading, West Berkshire, Wokingham and Bracknell ForestPublished May 2017



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