Coronavirus information

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms reopening

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms across Reading have been gradually opening from Saturday 4 July.

We have been working hard on plans to reopen all of its play areas as quickly as possible, in anticipation of the government's decision to allow the reopening of these sites to the public. With an eye to safety as our priority, this will need to take a phased approach in Reading with some sites opening before others.

The sites we have prioritised for opening have been chosen to provide a fair geographical spread across the borough so that no one will be far away from an open playground. See the list below for details.

The remaining play areas unopened will be phased back into use as soon as possible, with the aim of opening by the start of the school holidays on 22 July.

We are urging people not to use the equipment on the closed sites in the interim, as final essential safety checks, repairs and maintenance need to be carried out, including the manual removal of weeds. The lack of use at all of the sites for over three months has presented its own set of challenges for our parks team to address.

When using newly reopened playgrounds, people are strongly encouraged to stick to coronavirus safety advice, to help avoid the spread of coronavirus. Anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus must not visit a play area. Other advice includes:

  • adults and children maintain a minimum 1m+ distance from others
  • don't be offended when others try to maintain a distance from you
  • if the playground is busy, consider coming back when it is quieter
  • bring and use hand sanitiser or wet wipes before and after play
  • wash hands before you come and when you return home
  • put rubbish in litter bins or take litter home
  • Stay safe, be kind, protect others

The Forbury Gardens remain closed following the attack on 20 June. We will update you on the plan for reopening the gardens as soon as possible.

Play areas open

  • 125 Basingstoke Road 
  • Albert Road
  • Ambrook Road
  • Amersham Road
  • Arthur Newbery
  • Aveley Walk
  • Ayrton Senna Way
  • Beresford Road
  • Caleta Close
  • Childrey Way
  • Christchurch Meadows
  • Cintra Park
  • Clayfield Copse
  • Coley Recreation Ground
  • Denbeigh Place
  • Emmer Green Rec
  • ERAPA 
  • Hexham Road
  • Hills Meadow
  • Ivydene Road
  • Jimmy Green Court
  • Katesgrove School
  • Kings Meadow
  • Lorenzo Quelch Gardens
  • Lowfield Road
  • Mapledurham Playing Fields
  • Midwinter Close
  • Palmer Park
  • Portman Road
  • Prospect Park
  • Rabsons Rec
  • Rivermead
  • Robert Hewett
  • Rufus Isaacs
  • Shinfield Road
  • South Whitley
  • Southcote Farm Lane
  • St Johns School 
  • St. Giles Close
  • The Meadway
  • The Tank
  • Victoria Rec
  • Virginia Way
  • Waterloo Meadows
  • Wensley Road
  • Westfield Road
  • Winterberry Way

Play areas yet to open

  • Avon Place: Nearest alternative Palmer Park/ERAPA- Canal Way opening later this summer
  • Ayrton Senna Way:   Nearest alternative: Blagrave Rec
  • Blagrave Rec: Nearest alternative Arthur Newbery Park
  • Edenham Crescent: Nearest alternative Coley Recreation Ground
  • Dover Street:  Nearest alternative: Robert Hewitt Play Area
  • Hardwicke Road: Nearest alternative Meadway Play Area
  • Kensington Road: Nearest alternative Prospect Park
  • Long Barn Lane: Nearest alternative Cintra Park
  • Lyon Square: Nearest alternative Meadway Play Area
  • Milestone Centre: Nearest alternative Christchurch Meadows
  • Moriston Close: Nearest alternative: Lyon Square
  • Oxford Road: Nearest alternative Arthur Newbery Park
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