Register office fees and charges

Certificate fees

Birth, death and marriage certificatesCost 
At time of registration£11
Standard service: replacement certificate - sent within 15 working days using 2nd class post£11
Premium service: ordered by 12.45pm - sent within 1 working day of ordering using 1st class post£35

Marriage and civil partnership ceremony fees

Ceremony Room - Reading Museum and Town Hall (up to 57 guests)Charge 
Monday to Thursday£160
Friday to Saturday£267
Sunday £485
Approved Venue (all timings subject to availability) 
Monday to Thursday (9am to 5pm)£390
Friday & Saturday (9am to 5pm)£450
Sunday (9am to 5pm)£485
Approved Venue not owned by Register Office (after 5pm) 
Monday to Thursday£390
Friday & Saturday£456
Booking and admin fees 
Ceremony booking deposit (paid at time of booking)*£46
Administrative fee for changes to bookings*£22.50

*Please, see Terms and Conditions

Renewal of vows and naming ceremonies

Ceremony room - Reading Museum and Town HallMonday to Thursday£156
Friday & Saturday£189
Approved Venue not owned by Register Office £270

Individual private citizenship ceremonies 

Ceremony typeCharge

Monday to Thursday

Friday & Saturday


Notice of marriage or civil partnership


Notice of marriage/civil partnership (higher fee if referral to Home Office Immigration is required)

£35 (£47) - paid at booking
Foreign divorce checking fee (higher fee if referral to General Register Office is required)£50 (£75) - paid at appointment
Out-of-hours pre-arranged appointment fee£22.50 - paid at booking

Civil partnership conversion to marriage

Standard procedure (providing information and signing in one appointment)Register Office£45


Corrections of birth, death and marriage records 

Correction requiredCharge
Statutory correction application fee (correction completed by the Register Office)£75
Statutory correction application fee (referral to the General Register Office)£90
Amendment of birth record within 12 months of registration (space 17 amendment)



Approving premises for marriage & civil partnership

Application fee for up to four rooms£1700

Terms and conditions

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