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Before you start

If your repair is an emergency, contact us on 0800 318 296 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or 0118 937 3737 (out of hours).

What is an emergency repair?

The problems listed below are considered emergencies and, in most cases, require same day call out.

  • Total loss of electricity or communal lighting (communal lighting only deemed an emergency if it affects the entire building)
  • Dangerous electrics
  • Water constantly leaking from ceiling, toilet or pipework
  • Toilet not flushing (if it’s the only toilet in the property)
  • No heating or hot water in the property
  • Blocked foul drain causing flooding
  • Roof leak/water ingress (if uncontained and causing damage)
  • Insecure or broken external door/window (where windows are ground floor level or externally accessible without a ladder)
  • External door locked shut (if door is the only access point to property)

For all other repairs, please report your housing repair using the online form.

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Last updated on 03/06/2024