School Streets

School Streets give children the chance to walk, cycle or scoot to school safely in the street of the school without danger from traffic. This will allow school children to get to know other children on their way to school, keep active and also help with social distancing during the current pandemic.

An organised School Street closes the road outside the school from traffic for up to 45 minutes, twice a day, during school term time only. Any vehicles already parked in the road can stay or leave throughout the duration of the School Street. Only eligible vehicles can gain access to the road during the School Street closure.

Organising a School Street

We will be working with schools who are interested in developing a School Street initiative. It will be important for the school community, local residents and business to be aware and supportive of the initiative.

The word icon School Street information and application pack [193kb] provides a guide on how to implement a school street.

We have developed some criteria to identify where we believe school streets would be most feasible and effective as set out in the information pack. Following an application from a school we will work with the school so that the scheme can to be approved and implemented as soon as possible.

On the day

School Streets will be managed by the school when in operation. The council will assist before the start of the scheme in developing the traffic management plan for the road closure and providing the appropriate signs and barriers.

It will be important that the management of the road closure on the day ensures it is still possible for eligible vehicles including emergency services to drive into or out of the road during the closure period. 

The school will also ensure that the road returns to its prior condition before reopening it.

Further general information on School Streets is available here: http://schoolstreets.org.uk/

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