Stay well and warm in winter

In extreme weather the most up-to-date information can be found on:

At home

If you are struggling to keep warm in cold weather you may be able to get help from Winter Watch.

You can help yourself stay well and warm by making sure you:

  • eat regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day
  • keep moving - try to be active at least once an hour
  • wear lots of thin layers
  • close doors in the rooms you use most

Going out

If you have to go out in cold or icy conditions:

  • dress warmly
  • wear shoes with good grip
  • take your mobile phone with you

Preparing for cold weather

If you are over 65, pregnant or have a long term health condition you are eligible for a free flu vaccination.

Keep a supply of medicines, and tinned, frozen and long-life foods so you don't need to go out if it is icy.

Make a list of emergency numbers in case you need help during cold weather.

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