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Strategies, Plans & Policies

This page brings together official strategies, plans and policy documents from across the Council. 

Equality Impact Assessment

We have a duty to understand the effect of our policies and practices on equality. This involves looking at evidence, engaging with residents, service users and staff, and considering the impact on groups protected under equality legislation.

All of our Committee reports include an equality impact section and the equality impact assessment is provided as an appendix in the report.


word icon Adult social care strategy 2019-2022 [16Mb]Outlines how Reading Borough Council will put prevention and early intervention at the heart of care and support in Reading.
pdf icon Antisocial Behaviour Strategy [613kb]Outlines how we aim to tackle the causes and deal with the consequences of antisocial behaviour.
pdf icon Berkshire Suicide Prevention Strategy 2017-2020 [1Mb]Outlines how NHS agencies and partners in Berkshire aim to reduce suicide by 25% between 2017 and 2020.
pdf icon Capital Strategies [294kb]Every July, we submit this to the Government Office for the South East (GOSE). They assess it and award us capital resources, depending on how highly they rate the strategy.
pdf icon Climate Change Strategy [4Mb]Outlines how we plan to reduce carbon emissions and make Reading more resilient to flooding and other extreme weather events. Read our latest pdf icon Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report [273kb] for more information.
pdf icon Commissioning and Procurement Strategy 2013-2016 [493kb]Outlines how we aim to improve our procurement activity to support out wider objectives.
pdf icon Contaminated Land Strategy [217kb]Outlines how we aim to identify and investigate contaminated land in Reading.
pdf icon Culture & Heritage Strategy 2015-2030 [4Mb]Identifies the Cultural Partnership and partners' priorities and objectives for culture and heritage.
pdf icon Customer Experience Strategy [976kb]Customer Experience Strategy 2020 - 2024
pdf icon Display Energy Certificate Reference Numbers [31kb]Outlines the energy ratings and unique certificate reference numbers for Council buildings.

pdf icon Health & Wellbeing Strategy [946kb]

pdf icon Health and Wellbeing Action Plan VI [182kb]

Outlines the areas we will focus on from 2017 to 2020 to improve and protect Reading's health and wellbeing, including our plans to meet our Care Act obligations to prevent, reduce and delay care and support needs.

pdf icon Local Transport Plan 2011-26 [3Mb]

Sub Strategies:

pdf icon Cycling Strategy [5Mb]
pdf icon Parking Policy [577kb]
pdf icon Public Transport Strategy [1Mb]
pdf icon Road Safety Strategy [1Mb]
pdf icon Rights of way improvement plan [752kb]

Outlines how we plan to manage, maintain and improve Reading's transport network during the period 2011-26.

pdf icon Market Position Statement [1Mb]

pdf icon Commissioning Intentions [504kb]

Outline the local care needs of Reading, the services available and how we intend to address gaps or support developments in the market.
pdf icon Neighbourhood Strategy [1Mb]Outlines how we plan to meet the needs of our residents.

pdf icon Homelessness Strategy 2016-2021 [326kb]

pdf icon Homelessness Strategy Delivery Plan [110kb]

Outlines how we aim to deliver affordable homes for homeless people.
pdf icon Reading Open Spaces Strategy [418kb]Outlines how we plan to maintain recreational public open spaces.
pdf icon Rough sleeping strategy 2019-2024 [3Mb]Outlines how we aim to continue to drive down rough sleeper numbers in the future.
Reading Transport Strategy 2036The draft Reading Transport Strategy 2036 (RTS 2036) has been developed as the statutory Local Transport Plan (LTP4) for the Borough of Reading and sets the strategy to 2036 for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable Reading. 
pdf icon Support for People with Learning Disabilities Strategy [612kb]Outlines our key priorities for delivery of support for learning disabled people in Reading.
Tackling Poverty StrategyOutlines how we tackle poverty across the Borough.
pdf icon Tenancy Strategy [89kb]Outlines our expectations of our Registered Providers and guidance on the use of fixed term tenancies, tenancy types and the use of affordable rent across the Borough.
pdf icon Waste Minimisation Strategy [1Mb]Outlines our Waste Minimisation Strategy 2015-2020.

Plans and policies

pdf icon Corporate Debt Policy [129kb]Sets out our key priorities and principles for maximising debt collection, and provides details of the approach we will take in seeking to recover all money due to the Council. 
pdf icon Corporate Enforcement Policy [4Mb]Applies to all regulatory and enforcement functions carried out across the Council.
pdf icon Charging and Financial Assessment Framework [683kb]This Framework sets out the Council's policies for charging for care and support and follows the Care and Support Regulations and Statutory Guidance issued by the Government under the Care Act 2014.
pdf icon Safer Communities Strategy (2011 to 2014) [398kb]Sets out how we are working to make Reading a safer place by cutting crime and disorder.
pdf icon Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-20 - Action Plan [182kb]Outlines priorities of Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
pdf icon Highway Asset Management Policy [85kb]Outlines Reading Borough Council's management of its highway assets.
pdf icon Home and Energy Conservation Report (March 2015 update) [1Mb]This report outlines practical actions underway to improve household energy efficiency in the Borough and it is required under The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA).
pdf icon Housing Adaptations Policy [357kb]Outlines how we plan to help people live comfortably in their homes for as long as they want to. 
pdf icon Policy for Housing Standards Regulation [350kb]Outlines the policy for private rented housing and HMOs.
pdf icon Private Renewal Policy [550kb]Outlines the policy for improving private housing stock

Outlines the use of private sector housing for the homeless
pdf icon Safeguarding Adults: National Framework of Standards [1Mb]Outlines how we offer advice and guidance on safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse.
pdf icon A Summary of the Care Act [107kb]

The changes from the Care Act are wide-ranging and cover all adults with care and support needs (whether they get support from the Council or not) and carers. Some of the changes strengthen the ways that councils already work and some of them are new responsibilities.

pdf icon Waste Minimisation Strategy Action Plan Year 2 - 2016 / 17 [303kb]This Action Plan describes the initiatives that the Council has identified as being important to improve waste minimisation in Reading over the next 5 years. The actions will be reviewed annually to record progress, re-assess priorities, make additions and ensure relevance.


pdf icon Waste Operations Service Standards Policy [221kb]

pdf icon Waste Operations Service Standards Policy (Summary) [222kb]

This Service Standard sets out the responsibilities of the Council and the service user and defines how the Council will deliver both the domestic and commercial collection service effectively and efficiently.

Old strategies that may still be of interest


pdf icon Capital Strategy (2007) [167kb]Sets out the strategic framework for the Council's Capital Strategy and Asset Management Plan.
pdf icon Code of Corporate Governance (2002) [131kb]Sets out - for members and officers - the main principles for corporate governance for the Council.
pdf icon Housing Strategy (2009 to 2014) [1Mb]Set out how we planned to deliver quality services to meet the housing needs of our communities.
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