UK Parliamentary Election – 4 July 2024

Banner style image is split into 3 parts: part 1 shows colourful numbers 1, 2 and 3 and a ballot box with VOTE written on it; part 2 has the words ; 'To be able to vote you must register to vote by midnight on Tuesday 18 June; part 3 shows Reading Borough Council logo.

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Preparing to vote

Polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm on Thursday 4th July 2024.

Please remember to bring your photo ID. For more information and the full list of acceptable forms of ID visit the Electoral Commission.

If you do not have suitable photo ID, you can apply for photo ID free of charge and is called a Voter Authority Certificate. Please visit the website if you would like to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate.

Important dates and deadlines

Due to the tight deadlines and volume of applications, it is advisable to complete all applications online where possible. Links to online forms can be found below:

Register to Vote by midnight on Tuesday 18th June
Apply for Postal Votes by 5pm on Wednesday 19th June*
Apply for free voter ID by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June
Apply for proxy votes by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June

*If you are voting by post, please return your vote as soon as possible by Royal Mail. Postal votes must be received by 10pm on 4 July 2024. Choosing to hand in your postal vote will mean that you must complete an additional form with an authorised member of staff. If you do not, your postal vote may be rejected.

Voting advice: British citizens living abroad

British citizens living abroad are now eligible to register to vote in UK parliamentary elections, regardless of how long they’ve been living outside the UK. A new law has removed the previous 15-year time limit. You can register online providing details of the address and time you were last registered or resident in the UK.

We advise overseas electors to make an absent vote. An absent vote can be a proxy vote, appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf or a postal vote. Due to the tight deadlines, we do recommend that overseas electors choose a proxy vote where possible. Applications for absent votes can now also be done online.

Please note that EU Citizens are not eligible to vote in the UK Parliamentary Election.

Voting advice: blind and partially sighted voters

Tactile voting templates and large print versions of ballot papers that can be used for reference are available at all polling stations.

You can take a companion with you who is over the age of 18 to assist you or ask the Presiding Officer at the polling station for help.

Large print Ballot Papers will be available at polling stations.

Changes to polling stations

Due to refurbishment works taking place during 2024 we are unable to use the Scout and Guide HQ. The replacement polling station is located at Tyndale Baptist Church which is Earley and Woodley Constituency (Wokingham Council).

Whitley Wood Community Centre is no longer a polling station. The new polling station will be located at 28-35 Lexington Grove, Reading, RG2 8UG. This falls under Earley and Woodley Constituency (Wokingham Council).

Reading Central Library is no longer a polling station. The new polling station is located at Abbey Baptist church.

There will be X4 Polling Stations at Emmanual Methodist.

New ward boundaries

New ward boundaries recommended by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) have been implemented for this Election.

Several wards changed their name or have had their boundaries moved in 2022. Therefore, Mapledurham, Minster and Peppard no longer exist. New wards are Caversham Heights, Coley and Emmer green.

You can view a map of current and new boundaries on the House of Commons library. You can also check your Parliamentary constituency by putting in your postcode into the Electoral Commission’s upcoming elections checker.

Last updated on 11/06/2024