Permit management rules

Resident permits

  • Each household will be eligible for 2 permits within a permit zone.
  • 1st permits will have a charge of £42
  • 2nd permits will have a charge of £157.50.
  • Permits will only be issued to domestic vehicles, no commercial vehicles

Visitor permits

  • Every household will be entitled to 40 visitor permits (1 book = 20 half-days) free of charge.
  • All permits will be in half day units
  • Each household will be entitled to 100 visitor permits (5 books = 100 half-days) at a charge of £25 per book (20 permits per book)
  • Further books are available on request.

Business permits

  • Every business within a permit zone will be eligible for 1 business permit.
  • The permit will cost the business £288.75
  • Business will be able to purchase up to 100 visitor permits.
  • Community Agencies can purchase unlimited amount of visitor permits.

Parking provisions for non-permit holders

All zones will have designated areas of “limited waiting” parking for non-permit holders between 10am and 4pm Monday to Sunday for 2 hours with no return within 4 hours.

Discretionary permits

  • Each application will be dealt with on their own merits.
  • Discretionary applications for businesses will have an application charge of £50; this may be refunded if the application is granted; Businesses include: Tradespersons, Landlords, Nannies and Businesses.
  • Discretionary Permits for businesses will have a charge of £346.50 (the £50 application charge can be deducted from this charge).
  • The following groups of non-business discretionary permit application will have a first permit £42 charge; Healthcare Professionals, Teachers, Residents, & Medical Practitioner. A second permit charge of £157.50 will be charged for Residents (which is in line with resident permits).
  • Any household which is granted, on a discretionary basis, a 3rd Residents Permit will have a charge of £315.
  • The following groups will be issued with free permits: Carers (first and second) and first permits for Charities (including Community Agency)
  • The following groups will have second permit fee of £126: Charities, Community Agencies.
  • Discretionary visitor permit (scratch-cards) books may be charged the same as visitor permits books. A discretionary visitor parking permit will be charged at £150.
  • Foreign vehicles will have a permit for a maximum of 6 months. There will be a charge of £346.50. Foreign vehicles will not be able to renew
  • Emergency Cover permit available in exceptional circumstances, valid for one week, charged at £30
  • Daily Tradesperson and Landlord permits available by online applications, charged at £8 per day, maximum 30 per year, per vehicle
  • Daily Tradesperson and Landlord permits available by post (in person at Civic Offices for tradesperson), charged at £10.50 per day, maximum of 30 per year, per vehicle.after 6 months unless proof the vehicle has been registered with the DVLA.