Temporary permits

Temporary permits may be needed if:

  • you change your vehicle,
  • you have a temporary vehicle while your car is off the road or
  • when you have just moved into a residents parking zone

They are 8-week permits, only one issued and the charge is £15 (£15.75 after 1 May 2021). You will need to apply again for your full residents permit a minimum of 28 days before your temporary permit expires.

The proofs required depend on the reason for your application:

For new vehicles:

Acceptable proofs are: a car sales invoice or temporary insurance cover note or the V5C/2 section of the DVLA registration document known as the New Keeper Supplement.

Please note that if you already hold residents’ permits for your household and purchase a new vehicle before disposing of one of the existing, permit-holding vehicles, you cannot have a new permit for the new vehicle until you have surrendered one of the existing permits. During this time, you should make alternative arrangements for parking your vehicle outside of a permit parking zone or use your daily visitors permits.

For temporary vehicles:

You will need to provide proof of the temporary change, i.e.: hire/courtesy car agreement or letter of confirmation from the garage.

For moving house:

Acceptable proofs of residence are: a mortgage offer letter, solicitor’s completion letter or tenancy agreement. N.B. Tenancy agreements are not acceptable proofs for a full permit.

Acceptable proofs of vehicle ownership for moving into a property are: the DVLA registration document or Insurance schedule/certificate to show proof of ownership or entitlement to the use of the vehicle to be identified on the permit.