Penalty Charge Notices

Use the PATROL website to find out why we have charged you. You will find the code on your parking ticket, also known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).


You can pay the fine online – if you pay quickly you will get a 50% discount. Taking no action will end up costing you more – call 0343 357 1177 if you have lost your PCN number.


If you don’t think you should have received the fine, you can challenge it. The ​PATROL website has information on the different parking fine types, and how to challenge each one.

Bus lane fines

You can pay online. If you pay quickly you get a 50% discount – doing nothing will cost you more.

You can view the footage online to see why you were fined. If you don’t agree with the fine, you can challenge it (the contravention code is 34j for bus lane fines).

You could check the highway code if you want to know about the rules of bus lanes.