Major roads resurfacing 2020-21

Update 8/4/21

Bridge Street junction with St Mary’s Butts

Resurfacing has been successfully completed between 06/04/21 – 07/04/21. Road marking and Loop cutting for traffic signals completed (08/04/21).  

Lower Elmstone Drive

Resurfacing of section between Pierces Hill to borough boundary (which was missed out last year). All works including road marking has been completed as planned.

Upper Woodcote Road

Resurfacing the section between Shepherds Lane to borough boundary (which was missed out last year due to traffic diversion issues with Oxfordshire).

The remaining scheme at Erleigh Road will be carried out later this year. Initial Trial Holes are planned to take place soon to determine the most appropriate resurfacing material/depth.

2020 scheme details

Programme numberDateLocationAdditional workWorking hoursStatus
129 SeptemberCaversham Park Road (from Lowfield Road to Bramber Mews) 8am – 8pmCompleted
2 29 September Caversham Park Road (from 100 metres north of Kingsway (northern entrance) to Littlestead Close) 8am – 8pm Completed
330 September – 1 OctoberShinfield Road: (from Pepper Lane for 300 metres south) loop cutting to take place on 2nd October8am – 8pmCompleted
41 – 5 October Basingstoke Road: (sections from Buckland Road to 50 metres south of Callington Road) road markings to take place on Saturday 3rd Oct & traffic signal loop cutting on 7th Oct9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
56 OctoberOverdown Road: (from Carlisle Road to Oxford Road) 7th October for one day8am – 8pmCompleted
67 – 10 OctoberBasingstoke Road: (sections from Rose Kiln Lane to Elgar Road South) 8 October for three days9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
712 – 14 October Bath Road: (from east of Liebenrood Road to beyond Parkside Road) 13 October for two days9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
815 – 18 October London Road: (from Cholmeley Road to A3290) 21 October for four days 9.30am – 3.30pm Completed
919 October Upper Woodcote Road: (from Crispin Close to Shepherds Lane) 20 October for one day 9.30am – 3.30pm Completed – section from Shepherds Lane to Borough Boundary removed. To be included in next year’s programme.
1020 – 24 October Bath Road: (from Berkeley Avenue to Downshire Square West) 17 November for 4 days 9.30am – 3.30pm Completed
1122, 23, 26 October Erleigh Road: (from Alexandra Road to Addington Road) TBC8am – 8pmScheme to be rescheduled for later date
1227 – 28 October Lower Elmstone Drive: (from Pierces Hill to Chapel Hill) 26 October for two days 8am – 8pm Completed
1329 – 30 October and 2 November Whitley Wood Lane: (from Basingstoke Road to Whitley Wood Road) 28 October for three days (no weekend working)8am – 8pmCompleted
149 November for 2 daysLondon Road (from Eldon Road to Redlands Road)2 November for one day9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
153 November for 6 daysGosbrook Road (sections from George Street to Star Road)18 November for 7 days (includes weekend working)9.30am to 3.30pmCompleted
1610 November for 1 dayGrovelands Road (Resurfacing of double min roundabout j/w Waverley Road)9 November for 1 day9.30am – 5pmCompleted
1711 – 12 November Deacon Way: (full length) 10 November for 3 nights 7pm – 1am Completed
1819 November for 2 daysPortman Road (sections from Ashmere Terrace 400m west)12 November for two nightsWorking hours (nights) 7pm to 1amCompleted
19Oxford Road (sections between Cheapside and Eaton Place)16 November for two days Working hours (nights) 7pm to 1am Completed