How parking permits work now

Resident permits

Each eligible household can apply for up to two permits within a permit zone.  Your first permit costs £44 and the second is £165. We only issue permits for domestic vehicles – commercial vehicles are excluded.

You can change the vehicle registration on your permit an unlimited number of times if you have proof of ownership.

At present, you apply online for a permit by creating an account.

If you are unable to apply online, we can support you to apply offline using an application form.

All fees quoted are set out in the RBC fees and charges for 2022-2023. Fees and charges are subject to an annual review.

Visitor permits

Every eligible household is entitled to 40 visitor permits (1 book = 20 half-days) free of charge. 

All permits are in half day units, an AM permit is valid from 8am-2pm and a PM permit is valid from 2pm until 10am the following morning. 

If you need more visitor permits, each household is entitled to 100 visitor permits (5 books = 100 half-days) at a charge of £25 per book (20 permits per book) and you can request more if you need them.

Similar to parking permits, you apply online by creating or using your existing permit  account. We can also help anyone who without access online by supporting them with a paper application form.