Our digital permit trial

Permit fees are changing from 1 May 2023. Please see our permit charges page for further information.

We are introducing a digital parking permit pilot in Lower Caversham as part of an initiative to create a simpler, more flexible and more responsive service for local residents. This is for our existing resident zone 02R. There are no additions or reductions to the parking places covered by the scheme.

The trial will cover parking permits and visitor parking permits for residents within Zone 02R.

If you are in a different parking zone, you are not affected at this stage. If the pilot is successful, it may eventually be introduced boroughwide. 

How do I apply for a digital permit during the trial?

Not much will change for you if you are in the trial zone. Your property will still qualify for two permits at the same cost as before (£44 for the first, £165 for your second permit). As before, this is only domestic vehicles. You apply for your digital permit online by setting up an account if you don’t already have one.

We can support anyone who does not have online access to set up an account.

If you already have a permit, it will be automatically transferred over to a digital version.

How do I apply for digital visitor permits during the trial?

Every eligible household within the trial zone will be entitled to 240 hours visitor permits free of charge. This is the same as having two books.

 In addition to your free visitor permits, each eligible household will be entitled to purchase in blocks of 120 hours at £25 per block. You can purchase up to 600 hours. Which is exactly the same as if it were a physical visitor book.

You can request a further blocks of 120 hours if you need it.

A positive benefit is that it is now possible for you to book hourly parking for those visitors that are not staying a long time as minimum digital time to book is hourly.

You apply online for visitor permits and if you or someone you know can’t apply online we can support them.

Common questions about the digital permit trial

Last updated on 10/02/2023