What a digital permit is

Permit fees are changing from 1 May 2023. Please see our permit charges page for further information.

Digital permits are registered on parking systems, which means wardens on patrol (or our camera cars) can instantly check on their handheld devices if a vehicle holds a valid permit or not. It means you will not have to display a physical permit on your windscreen.

What are the benefits to introducing digital permits?

Digital permits will create a simpler, more flexible and more responsive service for local residents.

There are many benefits from introducing a digital parking permit scheme. These include:

  • Improved customer experience: digital offers greater flexibility in the use of visitor permits. Digital permits mean visitor permits can be used by the hour, instead of by the half day as is currently the case. This offers residents more flexibility and, as a result, better value for money.
    • A reduction in time consuming manual and paper processes: digital eliminates any postal delays, allowing instant cover from the point of payment, without delay or break in cover. Currently people can wait up to 14 days for a physical permit to be posted.
    • A simpler system: No physical permit needs to be displayed on the windscreen – wardens on patrol can instantly check on their handpieces if a vehicle holds a valid permit or not.

Feedback from other councils using digital permits suggests resident and visitor satisfaction is far greater when compared to a paper-based permit.  From an enforcement perspective, digital permits can reduce complaints to the parking enforcement team, as the scheme is not compromised by physical discs falling from windscreens, or visitor scratch cards being used incorrectly.

Last updated on 10/02/2023