Hospital and University Parking Scheme

Following the implementation of the area-wide Resident Permit Parking scheme and Pay and Display scheme in the hospital/university area in spring 2017, there was a demand to consider alterations to some of the parking restrictions introduced as part of the schemes. This included the introduction of a resident permit parking scheme in Kendrick Road and Malvern Court.

Public consultations were held in May 2018 and February 2019 and the Traffic Management Sub-Committee approved the scheme for implementation at their meeting in March 2019.

The scheme introduces elements of weekend pay & display charging in areas that would otherwise be Resident Permit Holders only, enabling greater flexibility for weekend visitors to the area. Additional parking will be created on Kendrick Road to help residents and visitors, which will also discourage speeding along this otherwise wide, straight road.

Letters have been posted to residents directly affected by the scheme, offering them the chance to apply for their permits. Permit applications must be completed by the 29th July 2020 in order for them to be processed before the scheme goes live on Wednesday 5th August 2020.

If you have any queries regarding the permit scheme or your permit application, please contact the parking permit team on 0118 937 3767 or

Hospital and University scheme – letter to residents

Hospital and University scheme – drawings