Reading LGBT+ Network

Members of the LGBT+ network at RBC

Established in 2019 by staff members, the LGBT+ Network in Reading Borough Council and Brighter Futures for Children started as a safe place for LGBT+ staff and allies but it has become so much more.

As well as being actively involved in ensuring the Council’s continued inclusivity and support to LGBT+ Staff, the network has been a key player in pushing Reading’s LGBT+ community projects forward.

The network has now attended and taken part in Reading Pride every year since its establishment which has been a great way to meet with members of the community and to discuss key issues and to share the work the group does.  The network has also been involved in the creation and continuality of Readings Rainbow Crossing. 

Internally, the network has been involved with many important projects to ensure that RBC is a great place to work for LGBT+ people. The network has made RBC more visible as an LGBT+ safe employer by arranging for rainbow lanyards to be offered to staff as well as ensuring the Pride flag is raised on important LGBT+ days throughout the year. The network has also lobbied for having inclusive bathrooms, which has been achieved as well as the completion of the Transgender Policy for the Council.

For the future, we want to continue to improve visibility not just within the Council but for the LGBT+ residents of our borough.

We want to ensure that we help all the LGBT+ community. We do not believe in separation as together we are stronger. We have requested an updated flag to be flown outside of the Civic Offices to establish our commitment.

We will attend other public events where possible to expand our knowledge of the LGBT+ community in Reading. We understand that in the past we have not done enough. We want to know what Reading Borough Council can do for the LGBT+ community. For example, how can we improve our services for LGBT+ people.

Please drop us an email at We are volunteers within the Council so it may take some time for us to respond. However, we will ensure that you receive a response as soon as possible.

Members of the LGBT+ network at Reading Pride
Last updated on 07/06/2022