Tributes for James Furlong, Joseph Ritchie-Bennett and David Wails.

We also pay tribute everyone affected by the attack, including those who were injured, those who witnessed the attack and to our colleagues in the emergency services who acted so swiftly to prevent further harm.

Tributes from the families:—reading/

James Furlong

As a teacher his life was dedicated to the development and learning of children and was helping young people develop their sense of citizenship and engagement with the world through his work. He was also a much-loved friend, family member and member of our community.

Further tribute from the family:

Joseph Ritchie-Bennett

He seems to have stood for everything that is good about our community: kind, welcoming, brilliant, open, loving. He clearly threw himself into everything he did, from his work to his support for friends and family and other members of our community.

Further tribute from the family:—reading

David Wails

As a scientist he had made a career from the pursuit of knowledge and developing understanding to benefit others; but he clearly also employed great understanding, kindness, and generosity of spirit in his wider life as well. He was greatly loved and respected by so many people.

Last updated on 30/05/2024