Report concerns about a child

The Children’s Single Point of Access is where to raise a concern about a child (pre-birth to 18 years old) in Reading, including safeguarding and child protection. The Single Point of Access allows us to make quick, effective decisions when you contact us.

You can complete a Children’s Single Point of Access referral form to let us know about a child or children:

  • who may need additional support
  • you suspect may be being abused or neglected
  • that needs safeguarding of any kind

Phone: 0118 937 3641 (includes out of hours contact details)

If a child is in immediate danger call the police on 999.

Consent guidance

To meet new data protection rules as outlined in the GDPR guidance, we need to have the appropriate consent before processing someone’s data. The person must understand the result of giving consent and be aware of what, with whom and why information may be shared. Please review our guidance document to understand when you must seek consent from a parent or person with parental duty of care, and when it is not. The person making a referral is responsible for meeting these conditions. You may prefer to use the template consent form to ensure you are compliant with new laws.

What happens once you have made contact

You will receive an automated reply once you have completed the Children’s Single Point of Access referral form. You may be contacted by the team to provide more information. We will let you know what course of action we intend taking within two working days.

Deciding if you need to raise a concern

Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Partnership have a helpful threshold information to help you reach the right decision for that child.