Assistive technology

If you cannot use essential facilities in your home because of your disability, you could apply for a grant to pay towards the cost of adaptations and equipment. If you are not eligible for the grant, contact us for a free assessment. Certain assistive technologies are funded by Reading Borough Council, and can be included in personal budgets.

Types of adaptations and equipment

There are many types of equipment and adaptations to the home that can help people stay independent and safe.

  • In-home call systems so the person you care for can alert you if they need help
  • Movement sensors which alert you if someone wanders
  • Pressure pads which alert you if the person gets up so you can provide the support they may need to prevent a fall
  • Medication dispensers which remind someone to take their medicine and dispense the correct dose
  • Memory alarms – to record reminders to follow daily routines, keep appointments and take medicines.

Find local adaptation services


You can use  Ask SARA to find out what equipment or adaptations would help you.

Lifeline Emergency Alarm Service

If you are older or have an illness or disability you may benefit from a community alarm service which allows you to call for help from anywhere in your home, at any time.


If you have a Lifeline Emergency Alarm Service, different types of telecare are available, including:

  • Environmental sensors monitoring things like smoke, carbon monoxide levels, temperature, overflows around your home
  • Fall detectors which raise an alarm if you fall down and can’t get up
  • Bogus caller alarms so you can call for help if you are worried
  • Door entry/exit sensors for people who are inclined to wander.