Reablement and after care

This service offers a limited time period of intensive support and therapy in your own home to help you regain all, or most, of your independence following an illness or injury. The service is free and available to Reading adults who have been assessed as likely to benefit from the service, and who are registered with – or are willing to register with – a GP.  Learn more through the leaflet.

If you already receive care services from Reading Borough Council you will continue to pay your weekly assessed contribution while you receive the reablement service. At the end of your personal budget year we will carry out a reconciliation to compare the money actually spent on your care with the contributions you have paid. Any additional services you receive from the intermediate care service will be free.

Intermediate care reablement plan

We will visit you to assess your needs, agreeing realistic goals with you so that you are clear on what to expect to achieve through the service.

Your personal plan could include any or all of the following:

  • Physiotherapy to help you improve your strength and mobility
  • Occupational therapy to help you relearn skills or find new ways of doing things using equipment, gadgets or adaptations to your home
  • Support to help you manage personal care (washing and dressing etc) and day-to-day tasks (like shopping and cooking)
  • Health care and advice
  • Any other therapies and help you need 


This service is always provided in a home based setting. This is usually in your own home or, if appropriate, we may offer you a short stay in a residential intermediate care centre. 

We review your progress with you regularly and adjust your personal plan as you improve. 

Ongoing service

Once your reablement goals have been met, if the service from the carers does not end, an hourly cost of the service is applied. You will be financially assessed to means test whether you should make a contribution towards this care. Different hourly rates are applied to the continuation of the service dependant on the circumstance.

  1. If Reading Borough Council is making arrangements for your ongoing care, the average hourly rate of our Home Care Framework is applied for care from reablement carers in the meantime.
  2. If you are self-funding and want to make your own future care arrangements and if, after a reasonable period of notice, care arrangements haven’t been made, the actual hourly cost of our reablement carers will be applied after that point.

Please speak to your Community Assessor for confirmation of the current hourly rates.

Last updated on 01/06/2023