Disability-related expenses guide (financial assessments)

If we carry out a financial assessment for non-residential care and support for you and you receive a disability benefit (such as Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance) your financial assessment will also consider an allowance for expenses relating to your disability or medical condition.

If your disability-related expenses are higher than the standard amount we apply, you can ask us for a detailed assessment of your disability-related expenses by completing our disability-related expense assessment questionnaire. See our disability-related expenses guide for more information.

There are local organisations who can give you independent advice and support on financial assessment and disability-related expenses if you need it:

Navigating the care and support system can be complex and sometimes you may need extra help. Reading Borough Council commissions these four charities to provide independent information and advice to people in Reading who may need assistance with things like understanding why you might have to pay something towards your care and support.

Download and print our flyer on independent local advice on paying for care.

Last updated on 08/04/2022