Help with care costs while living at home

You may be entitled to Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment from the Department for Work and Pensions  – Government advice on disability benefits

If you have savings, investments and capital over £23,250 or you refuse a financial assessment you won’t be eligible for financial support from the Council towards care costs. You can find more advice on the self-funding advice page.

If you have savings below £23,250, we will carry out a financial assessment to work out the most you can afford to pay towards your Personal Budget or your immediate care package.

The financial assessment counts:

  • your savings, investments and capital – but we don’t count the value of your home while you or your partner still live there as your main and only home
  • your weekly income from pensions and benefits (including disability benefits) – but not including earnings from paid work or the mobility part of disability benefits

We make allowances for certain expenses.

We will tell you the most we could ask you to pay (your Assessed Maximum Weekly Contribution) for your care and support. You may not need to pay this much.

If you have a partner you only need to give details about your financial situation (including half of any joint income or joint capital). If your partner is on a low income, you can ask us to carry out an affordability check, to ensure your joint financial resources are above DWP minimum benefit levels.

Help with care costs while living at home (full guide)

Last updated on 23/06/2023