Pay your adult care charges

If we manage your care and support arrangements, and you have to pay towards your care and support, we will send you an invoice every four weeks. 

The easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit. Complete a Direct Debit form to set this up, and submit it securely online. Please note, we will continue to send you an invoice to confirm how much we will take from your account.

You can also pay online using a debit or credit card. You will need your reference number and payment amount to hand. Select the payment type ‘Invoices start with 000’ from the list on the left-hand side of the page.

See your invoices for other ways to pay.

If you need to contact us about a Direct Debit or a payment query for your adult care invoices, please complete the Adult Social Care Payment Enquiry form. Please do not use this form for queries about your financial assessment or how your charges have been calculated – instead please see contacts below:

  • For queries about the description shown on your Accommodation Charges invoice – complete the contact FAB form
  • For queries about the description shown on your Personal Budget Charges invoice – contact the Personal Budget Support Team on 0118 937 4229 or by email to:
  • For queries about other care and support invoices, contact the number shown on your invoice.
Last updated on 27/09/2023