Carer’s emergency plan

A carer’s emergency plan sets out who should be contacted and what needs to be done to make sure the person you care for is safe and supported in your absence. It provides peace of mind that support is available if if you are delayed, taken ill, stuck in traffic or involved in an accident.

Contact your social worker or the Carer’s Hub on 0118 324 7333 / to create your emergency plan.

In case of emergency (ICE) numbers

Make a list of telephone numbers to contact in case of emergency. Keep a copy of this list in your purse or wallet and by the telephone of the person you care for. Save the ICE numbers in your phone as ICE1, ICE2 etc so the format is easily recognisable.

  • In a serious emergency where life or property is threatened, dial 999 to call the emergency services
  • Emergency social work duty team: 01344 786543
  • Out of hours mental health crisis line: 0300 365 99 99
  • GP out-of-hours service: 111