Young carers

A young carer is aged between 5 and 18 and spends a significant amount of time caring for a family member. This could be because a relative is ill, disabled, has a mental illness, a learning disability or a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Extra responsibilities may include:

  • Extra household chores like cleaning, cooking, shopping or laundry
  • Organising appointments or helping with medication
  • Looking after brothers and sisters or helping them with homework
  • Helping someone in the family with washing, dressing or getting in and out of bed because they can’t manage on their own
  • Supporting a relative after they have been drinking or using drugs
  • Supporting a relative when their mood is low
  • Looking after and/or playing with a sibling who has special needs to keep them calm.

These extra responsibilities can impact education, health and wellbeing.

Find support services for young carers

Young carers assessment

Young carers may be eligible for support from social services. You can use the Children’s Single Point of Access referral form or call on 0118 937 6545 to let us know about a young carer who needs support.

The assessment will:

  • look at the impact your responsibilities have on your education, training and leisure opportunities
  • decide whether it is appropriate for you to continue providing this care
  • ask you if you want to carry on caring and, if so, how much support you are willing and able to provide
  • identify other services to support your family.
Last updated on 21/01/2021