Drugs and alcohol

Change Grow Live is a drug and alcohol recovery-focussed service with a full range of treatments and interventions. It supports people to take control of their recovery journey. Drug and alcohol services include:

  • harm reduction
  • opiate replacement prescribing
  • community detoxes
  • counselling
  • emotional support
  • supported access to mutual aid

Support in accessing training, employment and housing will also be available.

Telephone: 0118 955 7333
Email: lynn.taylor@cgl.org.uk Lynn Taylor, Service Manager

For more support: NHS alcohol support offers a comprehensive range of resources including:

  • a drinks tracker
  • an online self-assessment
  • a local service directory

Young people struggling with addiction can contact SOURCE at 0118 937 5666.

Find drug and alcohol support services for yourself, family or friends.

Used syringes/needles found in the community

Contact our street cleaning team if you find syringes or needles. Call the emergency services if you think the issue is causing immediate danger.

Clean needles

You can pick up clean needles at the following locations:

Last updated on 15/03/2023