Discounts for people who aren’t counted

Certain people aren’t counted when working out the number of adults who live in your home, therefore your bill will be reduced. If 2 adults live in your property and we do not count 1, you can apply for a 25% discount. You can apply for a 50% discount if all the adults are not counted.

When someone is not counted, this means that they are ‘disregarded’ for Council Tax discount purposes.

Who do we disregard?

  • 18 and 19 year olds for whom child benefit is being paid or who leave school or college between 30 April to 1 November
  • full time students, student nurses, apprentices and youth trainees
  • students or a student’s non British spouse or dependants
  • patients living in hospital
  • persons who are living in nursing or care homes
  • certain care workers and carers
  • those detained in prison, hospital or by a court order (except those in prison for non-payment of Council Tax, or paying a fine
  • severely mentally impaired (This must be medically certified and the person entitled to a qualifying benefit but not necessarily claiming)
  • resident of certain types of hostels
  • members of visiting forces and their families
  • members of international headquarters and defence organisations and their families
  • members of certain religious communities

If you think you are eligible for a discount please download and complete the appropriate form:

Council Tax discount form

Last updated on 24/03/2022