Missed payments

If you are having trouble keeping up with payments or if you disagree with the recovery actions taken, you should contact us as soon as possible using our Council Tax Recovery contact form.

If you miss a payment or pay late, we will send you a reminder giving you seven days to pay. If you do not pay, or regularly pay late, you will receive a court summons and will lose your right to pay in instalments. You will have to pay any costs we incur recovering what you owe; we will, however, allow you a final opportunity to propose repayment of the debt using our Council Tax arrangement form. Failure to agree repayment terms may result in your account being sent to our enforcement agents, in which case further costs will be incurred. Alternatively, we may request deductions directly from your salary or benefit payments.

The Council Tax department is successfully pursuing bankruptcy, insolvency and committal proceedings against non-payers. This is to increase the revenue collected on behalf of all local tax payers. It is a criminal offence not to pay your Council Tax – which can result in a prison sentence.

Last updated on 16/02/2022