Antisocial behaviour

This includes anything which has a damaging or distressing impact on your everyday life. If you witness an incident, contact the police at 101 or our antisocial behaviour team at 0118 937 3787. Please remember that things like everyday living noise and parking issues do not count as antisocial behaviour.

If a problem keeps happening, you should record it on our diary sheet and send it to the Antisocial Behaviour Team, Partnership Office, 1st Floor, Reading Police Station, RG1 7TH. Any report you make is anonymous.

Payments for Fixed Penalty Notices under Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014

Community Right to Review (Community Trigger)

If you feel that no one is dealing with the anti-social behaviour problems you are experiencing you can request a review of your case. Once the Community Trigger process has been requested, the relevant agencies, which may include the local authority, police, health providers and/or social housing, will work together and decide whether any further action can be taken to resolve the issue.

The Community Trigger is not for making a complaint or reporting new anti-social behaviour cases. If you want to make a complaint about the way in which an organisation has dealt with your case, you should enquire with them about their complaints procedure.

You can apply for a Community Trigger response via telephone: 0118 937 3787, email:, or by post: ASB Team, The Police Station, Castle Street, Reading, RG1 7TH.

Data on Community Trigger activations


  • Number of applications for community trigger received: 1
  • Number of times the threshold for review was not met: 0
  • Number of case reviews carried out: 1
  • Number of case reviews that resulted in recommendations being made: 0