Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support appeals

If you disagree with a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support decision, you can:

  1. Ask us to explain the decision in more detail.  This is called a statement of reasons
  2. Ask to reconsider the Housing Benefit decision.  This is called a reconsideration
  3. Appeal to Reading Borough Council which can progress to an Independent Tribunal.

If you would like us to look at your claim again, or if you wish to appeal, you must let us know within one month from the date on the decision letter.

If your request is received by us more than one month after the decision you must also explain why it is late.  If you do not give any reasons we may not be able to deal with you request.  The maximum period allowed for a late appeal is usually 13 months.

Independent help and advice

If you need help making an appeal the Citizens Advice Bureau or Reading Community Welfare Rights Unit (0118 955 1070) both offer advice.

Last updated on 18/06/2024